gir L S„., weAER sHortS???? In SuMMER?????.„,.  nO „„, BaD,. , too Porno gRaphic „ m i g/ht distraCt boys„ , . mus T punISh girls„,. how Dare thEy have lEGs., .????

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I want to touch

every inch

of your bare skin

with my lips

and fingertips.

I want you

under my covers.

I want me

under you.

I want to feel your breath

on my neck

as I gasp for mine

and grasp for your hands

and face

and body.

I want to lie naked

next to your sleeping soul.

I want you entirely.

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How NOT to Survive in New York: A Cautiously Optimistic Cautionary Tale


Well, there’s no point in putting off admitting it any longer: I moved back home to Westchester. I’m living with my parents again and I’m no longer a slave to the noise and mayhem of the big city.

There were several reasons for this, and I feel it’s fair and reasonable to explain them here,…

ugh so perfect

I wanna wake up thim slick
Those thim slick chicks are like holy shit


The captioned adventures of George Washington continue.

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In which General Washington becomes increasingly done with Betsy Ross showing him flags.

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everyone needs friends who will encourage them to pierce things and ride things and go to places and buy shit and show off side boob. everyone.

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i can hear my mom talkin shit bout me on the phone dont make me catch u on the streets mom

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eternally passionate about movie soundtracks and movie costumes and deleted scenes from movies and concept art for movies and scenery from movies and bloopers from movies and watching movies and movie theaters and just movies

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I feel a lot more positive.

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